4 ways to feel fabulous after mastectomy

Welcome to the ‘Mastectomy Club’, the one nobody wants to belong to! 

It’s certainly no easy ride – hell no!  Your confidence, body image and mortality will have been rocked to the core and the saying ‘expect the unexpected’ will take on a whole new meaning.  There will be many challenges along the way, but I truly believe and so often hear from other recovering mastectomy goddesses that one huge positive to take away from this crazy roller-coaster ride, is coming out the other end a slightly different, but much better version of ourselves from the experience, and that can only be a wonderful thing.


Everybody’s experience will be unique, but from my own double mastectomy recovery here are 4 ways to feel great after mastectomy:

Give yourself time – it’s a great healer

Tick tock, tick tock – how fast does time fly?  As the saying goes ‘time is a great healer’ and how very true that is.   Remember how you feel directly after your op and during your initial recovery will be a lot different in a year’s time, and the year after that.  Like any change, we get used to it over time and it will then become the new normal.  In time, you will also be able to easily navigate your wardrobe, know what styles look great and even try out new outfits – YAY!

Don’t waste your energy worrying what others may think. Who cares, not you!

Obviously, your body now looks a little bit different, but it’s yours and you should be 100% proud of it no matter what.   It is natural to wonder what others think, are they looking at you on holiday or talking about you?  BIG TIP – ‘do not give a flying whatsit’ about any of that – who cares what they think or say, not you!  Let it go over your head, I doubt very much that they would want to swap places.  Remember what you have been through, the fact your mastectomy was necessary for your circumstance and that you are alive and recovering well.   Here’s to fabulous you moving forward, and living your best life yet! – WOOHOO!

Treat and pamper yourself – you deserve it.

Just stop for a moment and think about ‘YOU’.  How often do you run around doing everything for everybody else, the kids, your partner or family with little or no time for yourself?  If you are guilty as charged STOP right now and make sure you are putting yourself at the top of the list (hell yeah!) – Do not underestimate what you have been through and make sure you are always super kind to yourself – bubbly baths, a lovely walk, new skin products, one or two purchases from your favourite shop! – or just some quality time for ‘YOU’ – and do not feel guilty! – you may be physically recovered but let’s not forget about your whole wellbeing, self-love and the fact you certainly deserve the best – OHH YES SISTA!

Know that life will get a whole lot better, just think of all those exciting things to come. Woohoo!

The great thing about life is that nothing ever stays the same – YIPPEE! – and believe me when I say life after mastectomy will get a whole lot better.  It may not seem like it, but the worst is over, you have had the op and it is now recovery all the way baby!

Remember not to compare your own recovery, we are all unique and will have had various procedures, reconstructions, flat closures etc, which will have separate recovery times and affected us all differently.    Look to the future, in the bigger picture this is one small chapter in your own big book of life.  Think of all the great things to come and memories to make, the possibilities are endless and how great is that?  Here’s to lovely YOU!

Are you feeling stuck?

Recovery from both breast cancer / mastectomy is certainly not easy (hell no!). Once the roller-coaster of the nightmare is over, you’ve had the ‘all-clear’ and are free to get on with your life, instead of feeling super excited and optimistic about the future, it is quite common to feel stuck in a funk, doubt yourself and your very purpose in life (and it really sucks!).

You are not alone, thousands of women just like you and me struggle to step forward and get their life back on track after treatment, and that is why I created the ‘finding me’ mini-course to help get you back on a positive path and start living your best life again, because that’s what you absolutely deserve.

The course has been specifically designed to help you recognise which areas in your life could do with a good kick start, find the right starting point and take small, doable steps forward, making plans and then setting bigger goals. All with the aim of rebuilding your confidence, erasing self-doubt, regaining your zest for life and most importantly helping you to find ‘yourself’ again.

I really wish there was something like this there for me when I was recovering, it would have saved me so much precious time when I had lost direction and wondered what was next.  This mini course will help you cut to the chase quicker, find a great starting point and set you back on course so you can start to really live and enjoy your life again after breast cancer and mastectomy. 

Click the link to find out more about this fabulous mini course, added bonus extras and really start living life!