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about beub mastectomy

Welcome to ‘beub mastectomy’, founded two years after my own double mastectomy.  I literally had no idea what I was doing post-op with my new ‘boy chest’ and was very confused about what to wear and which prosthesis to buy.   Did I really need a different pair of boobs for each occasion?, it wasn’t really very clear.

Through trial, error and keeping things simple, I am now able to wear almost anything – bar any plunging neckline or outfit that requires ‘tit tape’ – and you can too; boob tubes, bardot tops and all things chesty!  I’m going to share these tried and tested tricks and simple solutions, with the bonus that it doesn’t cost a lot of money.  There’s something for everyone, even if I can help you feel just a little bit more fabulous that’s mission accomplished.

Here’s to being boobilicious and loving your beubs again!

Tammy Subkhi – founder, beub mastectomy, 2019