Casey Somerville

Meet Casey Somerville creator of IG account – @theflattiecloset blog, who is embracing life and style as a flattie, with fabulous sass and wit!   As a BRCA+ previvor who has undergone bilateral mastectomy without reconstruction, Casey is on a personal mission to encourage previvors and survivors to know that they don’t have to give up feeling confident and sexy or sacrifice fashion, creativity and individuality if they opt out of reconstruction and decide to stay flat.

‘In the end, fashion with no boobs follows the same rule as fashion with boobs, and that rule is there are no rules!  If you like it, wear it!’

To find out more about Casey, her fashion style tips for flatties (as well as fails!), and learn more about ‘The Flattie Closet Manifesto’, pop over to her  IG account @theflattiecloset for fabulous inspiration –  it’s too good to miss !