Tara Geissinger

Introducing ‘Tara Geissinger’ – Mum to triplets! and creator of the fantastic @Flattie_Mom instagram account.

In the middle of Covid shut-down and as her triplets approached their senior year of high school, Tara G. went in for her routine mammogram. Tiny calcifications were found and she was given the option to biopsy or “wait and watch” for six months. Tara chose to biopsy and it turned out to be 2mm of low-grade DCIS. Despite being non-invasive Stage 0, DCIS is still treated with the same protocols: lumpectomy, radiation, and hormone therapy or mastectomy.

Tara always said that if she ever got breast cancer, she would “take them off” — but this tested her resolve. Genetics were clear, but she decided that her mental health was too important to ignore. “I dealt with anxiety before my diagnosis. Based on that, I knew that I would struggle mentally with every mammogram and biopsy. My breasts were dense and prone to cysts.” She opted for a double mastectomy with aesthetic flat closure because it was the quickest surgery that offered a one-and-done approach.

Today Tara uses her @Flattie_Mom instagram to document her fashion trials as well as her overall experience recovering from and adjusting to life as a Flattie. “I want to show women that this choice is not only a valid option, but also freeing. We are so much more than our breasts. I’m shocked at how much relief I feel now that they’re gone and I’m having a blast trying new looks and experimenting with different types of tops that I may not have ever even tried before surgery.” A favourite on her account is the Flat vs Foob series she started featuring the same top worn flat on one side and with ‘foobs’ on the other. It’s a great reminder that we’re all beautiful — whether we are flat, have boobs, or have foobs!

Check out Tara’s fab Instagram account @Flattie_Mom – great flattie fashion tips and tricks, as well as original split screens – just brilliant!