get the look!

Feeling and looking great is a fun part of life and having a mastectomy shouldn’t stop you – carry on as before or use it as an opportunity to reinvent your look and be even more fabulous!

These videos have been designed to help you create the looks you want and love to wear and how to adapt given your new chest shape.  If you follow these simple basics you will be hot to trot in no time at all, and who knows maybe try something you never thought you would wear before.


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Get Comfy Goddesses!

After your mastectomy you will initially know what feels comfy and safe for you, that may be your favourite top or no bra at all!   You have been through a huge change, so be really kind to yourself and be kind to your new chest.  

Recovery will be ongoing, go at your own pace and keep it simple.  You deserve the best – soft fabrics all the way, gorgeous moisturisers, chocolate and candles in the bath. 

Believe me it will get better, time is a great healer xx

the beub basics

Softie beubs are one of the best things invented, so versatile, lightweight and when used as a combo with the bandeau bra, will create the base for all off the shoulder, Bardot tops and boob tube looks. 

Please note – choose your bandeau bra a size smaller than you usually take to avoid gravity and any slipping!

This will create a solid base to wear any outfit you fancy that requires a strapless bra.

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neck lines

Having a mastectomy is a major physical adjustment, however don’t let that change the essence of ‘lovely you’. It doesn’t mean matronly high necklines or covering up anything from the neck down. Embrace your new shape – you will find that you can still wear almost anything, bar any deep plunging neck lines or anything that requires tit tape!  

Experiment at home, try on your old favourites using the basics shown in the above video and bet your bottom dollar you can still wear most of them, or maybe dare to try new styles – go on, do it!

Another great trick is to wear statement necklaces, these help subtly detract attention away from your immediate chest area, helping to build your confidence.


Want to feel like a sexy senorita?  Guess what – you can! 

Follow the beub basics and you can also wear boob tubes, jump suits, Bardot tops/dresses and most things off the shoulder. 
Statement necklaces are also great with all bare shoulder looks. 

Be confident, channel your inner goddess and work it girl! 

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swimwear - 'bring out the mermaid in you'

If you just need a costume for a short holiday, spa or hot tub experience, look no further than your local high street or supermarket.  All you need is a regular costume/tankini, however look for one where you can access the nipple shields (they need to be accessible – see video) – then all you need to do is slide in our fantastic aqua beubs and hey presto – enjoy yourself! That’s all there is too it ladies.

dare to go bare

At times you may just want to go natural, no bra and no prosthesis, how lovely does that feel?  Here are some ideas showing how to create the illusion of giving the chest area some shape using different fabrics and frills.

There is also a fantastic blog called ‘@theflattiecloset’ – with great fashion tips and advice for breast cancer fighters and survivors who primarily don’t wish to wear any prosthesis either occasionally or permanently.  A great read.

It’s worth remembering that most people are not staring at our flat chests, we just think they are!  Or if so, they are probably thinking ‘gosh, that poor gal has survived breast cancer’ – TOTAL RESPECT.