Whitney O’Conner

Growing up, Queens seemed to be the ones in movies that had it all figured out. The good ones at least. Their makeup, outfits, and demeanour were always on point. People would pause just to watch what the Queen was going to say or do next. Even their walk was something to look forward to.

But this was all in movies…

In real life, I have learned what being a “Queen” really looks like. It’s not all diamonds and balls and tea… The role is not absent of responsibility and obligations. Being a Queen that is trying to “rule” their life is HARD. Really hard. It’s so hard sometimes that we forget we are even Queens.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 30 years old and again at 32, I had not idea how different I would FEEL and LOOK after treatment was over. There’s a recovery period that people don’t see because it’s hard to look at. Survivors just should be grateful that they were able to ring the bell right?! Frankly, it was hard to celebrate my body because it no longer resembled a put together Queen. Then I realized that I was a different kind of Queen.

A Boobie Queen.

Boobie Queens are resilient and graceful with themselves. They treat their bodies and minds as allies and not enemies. They celebrate the wins, even when they are small. They create their own silver linings in order to manage the chaos of life. They appreciate the joyful moments and seek to learn how to manage those moments that are painful and difficult. They realize that life is not about changing who we are to match other people’s standards but embracing who we are and living to our own standards.

Boobie Queen know this is all scary. But they do it anyway.

And this is the type of Boobie Queen I want to be.

And maybe, just maybe, The Boobie Queen Company can crown every single Boobie Queen out there with a Boobie Crown so they can remember who they really are too.



To find out more about Whitney and her fabulous boobie crowns head over to her insta account @boobiequeenchronicles / www.boobiecrowns.com –  she really is incredible and so much fun!

Here’s to all Boobie Queens!